“What are your thoughts on taking Zinc for immune health?”

This was part of the question one of my recent clients asked me. I answered it to the best of my ability and knowing that I had a legal waiver on file signed by this client:-).  Because I am NOT a doctor and don’t even play one on youtube;-). The very concise summary of my response toContinue reading ““What are your thoughts on taking Zinc for immune health?””

When Easy Does It For Your Gut…

“I want a burger for lunch today, Mama!” exclaims your child who had been running a fever and mostly just drinking a lot of liquids for the past few days 😞. As a Mama, your inclination might be to rejoice that your child finally has an appetite and go get that burger 🍔. And, yet,Continue reading “When Easy Does It For Your Gut…”

The simpler, the more nutritious

I am excited for the fresh, first of the season, crop of local Oregon strawberries. I think they make a fantastic combination with freshly made kefir (I make mine from goat milk), a touch of cardamon and local honey! Yes, that is all there is in my smoothie. I tend to keep them at threeContinue reading “The simpler, the more nutritious”