COVID-15 Coaching

We have all taken a few “hits” as of late. Whether it is “COVID-15” (the extra 15 pounds of stress weight we might pack on) or other things that have taken a toll.


I am a Gut-Brain Coach™ and I speak Functional Nutrition. This is great but may sound a bit too “fancy” when all you need is help to get back to YOU.

This is why I am offering a simple “two-session” option for you right now to get your nutrition act/ sanity back together.

So that you can strenghten yourself. So that you can support those who need you the most (I am a MOM and I get it!).

What can you expect?

COVID-15 Coaching Package is an efficient two-session option (you schedule your time on line for both sessions). Zoom or phone are best options right now.

BEFORE Session One: You fill out a questionnaire prior to our meeting. That includes an honest 2-day food journal. (2 days is what we need to see where you are so that we can move you forward).

This is what we talk into during our Session One. You leave Session One with personalized actionable recommendations (also emailed to you in your “Action Guide” within 24 hours). That way you don’t have to frantically scribble down notes and can just relax, sip your tea (or whatever works, dry Italian wine has been good to me lately :-)) and fully engage during our time together. Keeping it real is what we focus on as that is the only way for us to move forward.

Session TWO: We get to check in and “course-correct” as needed, to make sure you are well on track getting back to YOU and your SANITY. We get to see what has worked well, what is “work in progress,” and what needs more focus.

Is there a Guarantee?

YES. 100%. This is a simple two-week commitment. Schedule your 1st session a few days after you commit to give yourself time to fill out the questionnaire and the short food journal. Let’s have our time together. If, after the first session, you do not feel this is worth your time and effort, please simply email me one week before our scheduled 2nd session and you get all of your money BACK.

If you are one of my cherished email subscribers (and if you are not yet, hop on it now), you get an EXTRA 15% off.

And, yes, the 100% “your money back guarantee” is still in place: if you do not love it (for whatever reason), email me one week before your 2nd session and you get all of your money back. I do not care how silly this may sound. I am here to help. I am confident you will LOVE this – and, if not, I stand behind my 100% guarantee. I love what I do and I love YOU. So, hop on this. NOW is a really good time.

Julia Markova, Gut-Brain Coach™ offering COVID-15 Nutrition Coaching

“COVID-15” 2-Session Package:

  • Two one-on-one sessions with Yours Truly
  • Two “Action Guides” emailed to you within 24 hours after each session
  • An extra 15% off for my subscribers (join here, unsubscribe at your will, always)
  • 100% “Money Back” Guarantee (request one week before the 2nd session)

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