Fresh Start Together

Hi there, PDX!

Welcome to 2021~

Lan Su, Portland Classical Chinese Garden, has held a special place in my heart for nearly two decades. After wandering the intricate stone paths, the beautiful teahouse run by our local Tao of Tea, was the place I would meet my clients early on in my nutrition coaching career, before I ever had a physical office space. We would meet over tea and carry out our sessions right there, in the garden. Sometimes, we would stay in the tea house for the entire duration of the sessions, and sometimes we would walk and talk. The garden’s Scholar’s Pavillion is where I used to hold my nutrition lectures, free to the public. This is where some of you met me for the first time. The garden holds many memories indeed.

And while the start of 2021 proved to be more stressful that we had hoped for, the garden is still here for us. I feel like we need it more than ever before. It is now opened again to the public, with the tea house offering tea and snacks to go, to be enjoyed outside on the bamboo tables and chairs adjacent to the beautiful pond.

This is where I would love to extend a meeting invitation for you.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that plans are to be adapted, human interaction cherished and the beautiful outdoors revered. So let us meet and chat about what plans you might have for yourself this year and where you might need a helping hand from yours truly.

Prior to 2020, well-defined Functional Medicine and Nutrition protocols guided nearly all of my client interactions. And while these are still my guiding principles, I am realizing that many of us might need to start a little lighter and a little smaller right now. We have all been through a lot this past year. So let’s allow ourselves to take little steps. One at a time.

The first one can be as simple as chatting over tea to figure out where you think you need help the most.

Is it help around starting your day with a breakfast that is easy to make and gives you energy? Is it figuring out how to get you better, more relaxing sleep, so that you can wake up truly refreshed, ready again to help those who need you most during these trying times? Or it is something else entirely? Let’s figure it out together. After hearing and clarifying what you need help with the most, I will email you a customized “work together towards your goal” proposal that you can make a decision on after reviewing. No strings attached.

If, on the other hand, all you need right now is to meet with a human who is simply there for you to listen and understand, that is great, and maybe plenty for now. You decide. Just come to the garden. Especially if you have not been back for a while. Its calm and wise energy will nourish you, as it always has before – do you remember it? If you have never been to the garden, please come to experience its tranquility, to cherish now more than ever before.

Garden admission, tea and snacks are on me. All you have to do is to pick a time that works for you. I will take care of the rest and meet you in front of the garden. Let’s do this. It has been too long. Here is the link to choose a time that works for you and book it. The total cost to you is $39. I want for you to be able to enjoy the garden right now.

Logistical note: masks are required everywhere in the garden, except for the designated outdoor areas for enjoying tea. If chatting over tea while physically, but not socially, distanced works well for you, we will do that. If you prefer instead to stroll around or sit elsewhere in the garden for a chat with the masks on, that is great as well. In that case, I am happy to buy you tea and a yummy snack to take home or anywhere else your day takes you later. The choice is yours. I am there for an hour of your time (garden admission tickets are currently one hour long, to make sure all guests enjoy plenty of outdoor space with no crowding).

Let’s make our own fresh start together, to support our spirits and the local economy.


Gentle Reset 2021: what do you need help with?

  • One hour of my listening ears
  • Garden admission, tea and snack
  • Customized proposal to follow, no strings attached
  • Total investment: $39

I can’t wait to meet with you soon!

Published by gutbraincoach

First and foremost, I am a Global Citizen and a lover of delicious food, water and air. Born in Moscow, Russia, I grew up in Athens, Greece and spent time traveling the world. Right now, home is Portland, Oregon. I love connecting with people from diverse cultures and I stand for everything real. Be it food or feelings. I am a proud Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. I am passionate about the the gut-brain axis because it is where we can connect the missing dots and the two brains to transform anxiety and brain fog into clear energy.

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