“What are your thoughts on taking Zinc for immune health?”

The Choice is Yours…

This was part of the question one of my recent clients asked me.

I answered it to the best of my ability and knowing that I had a legal waiver on file signed by this client:-).  Because I am NOT a doctor and don’t even play one on youtube;-). The very concise summary of my response to this particular client, given my scope of practice, was:  1) Zinc is HUGELY important to immune system health and 2) whether on not ONE needs to supplement really depends one ONE’s individual zinc status.

Personally, I tend to be low in zinc (bunch of genetic variants at play), so I do supplement daily, regardless of how much zinc I get in my diet. How do I actually know this? Well, I don’t like to guess. So I test. 

Sadly, your (well meaning but way overworked) doctor may roll her eyes at your humble request for that “zinc serum test…” Luckily, my friend and business partner, Dr. Alan Hopkins, is running a special on his “Immune Panel” right now. Go ahead and check it out to decide if you want it. One of the reasons I partner with Dr. Alan’s company is because he can guarantee confidentially. You purchase the lab test (frequently, at a fraction of what your insurance would bill you), you decide on the lab to draw your blood and then you choose to disclose those test to your doctor (or whoever else you might be working with) or not. The results are encrypted and emailed to you directly – you are in total control of who gets to see them after you, if anyone. This could be a great tool to negotiate for a prescription or more help from your doctor if you would like to. Or it could be a tool to give you information you need at your own fingertips. The choice is yours. As it should be. So check it out to make your own choice. 

On a related, but even more immediately empowering note, you might want to check one of my recent instagram posts.Warning: there is a rant in it (I am tired of people “hogging” hand sanitizers without regard for others, especially immunocompromised and elderly) . The main gist of the post, however, is to give you a tool out of your pantry to boost your immunity easily. So enjoy.

P.S. I did finally find some hand sanitizers at my local co-op. Not enough to buy up for the entire class for one of my kids’, sadly,  so I simply chose to buy just one for each member of my immediate family (so, a total of four), leaving PLENTY for others on the shelf. 

Published by gutbraincoach

First and foremost, I am a Global Citizen and a lover of delicious food, water and air. Born in Moscow, Russia, I grew up in Athens, Greece and spent time traveling the world. Right now, home is Portland, Oregon. I love connecting with people from diverse cultures and I stand for everything real. Be it food or feelings. I am a proud Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. I am passionate about the the gut-brain axis because it is where we can connect the missing dots and the two brains to transform anxiety and brain fog into clear energy.

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