The simpler, the more nutritious

Simple and delicious
Fresh local strawberries – yum!

I am excited for the fresh, first of the season, crop of local Oregon strawberries. I think they make a fantastic combination with freshly made kefir (I make mine from goat milk), a touch of cardamon and local honey!

Yes, that is all there is in my smoothie. I tend to keep them at three ingredients or less and this one is four already (because cardamon – yum!)

And one more thing I usually do with my smoothies: I try my best to not “over-blend” them in order to keep the antioxidants and other nutrients as intact as possible.

Especially kefir – full of B vitamins, vitamin K and precious probiotics – those bugs don’t love to blended at high speed for a long time. So, for this particular smoothie, I only put a spoon of kefir to blend with strawberries, honey and cardamom first. Then, after blending, I gently poured the rest of the kefir in and just gave a shake in my hand. It was mixed perfectly and delicious.

Try it and I hope you enjoy!

Published by gutbraincoach

First and foremost, I am a Global Citizen and a lover of delicious food, water and air. Born in Moscow, Russia, I grew up in Athens, Greece and spent time traveling the world. Right now, home is Portland, Oregon. I love connecting with people from diverse cultures and I stand for everything real. Be it food or feelings. I am a proud Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. I am passionate about the the gut-brain axis because it is where we can connect the missing dots and the two brains to transform anxiety and brain fog into clear energy.

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