A cookie that loves you back?

A smart and impressively successful business woman was sitting in my office telling me she needed to lose weight but did not know how to because she “has already tried everything.” She was already eating healthy and exercising plenty. She was not plagued by any disease (and had tested herself for hundreds of them).

Yet, she would periodically do a curious thing. She would make cookies (gluten-free, because she knew gluten was not healthy for her) and then eat the whole sheet of the cookies she had just made. In one sitting. Predictably, she would feel overstuffed and ill immediately afterwards.

She did not understand why she was doing that and wanted to know. “I feel like I am padding myself to protect myself” she kept saying. This woman had been to countless nutrition and mental health professionals, mainstream and alternative kind. I could not tell if the theory of “needing to pad herself” was from her own thinking or something some professional had convinced her of. In a way, it did not really matter because I had a very different hunch: I thought (and still do) that the actual reason for eating a whole sheet of freshly baked cookies was self loathing and self punishment. The fact that, in spite of how incredibly intelligent and successful this woman was (she was also very good looking, even with no make up and in the sweatpants/ shirt she came to see me in), deep inside, she did not believe she deserved anything she had worked so hard to achieve. She had a terrifically rough childhood. Part of her grown-up business success was due to her plea to never feel poor or hungry again. She had plenty of funds to take care of herself now and, yet, deep inside, she did not believe she was worthy of any of it. Hence, the need to eat the whole sheet of cookies to fully justify hating herself shortly after… My heart ached for her and it still does. Because she was one of the most inspiring women I had met with the least amount of self-esteem.

This “self-loathing junk food consumption” thing is nothing new. At all. And, while in the case of that particular individual, a healthier cookie is not the solution necessarily, it is one that could be used as a benign “crutch” if you will. Because you can make cookies with love towards yourself and actually enjoy eating them until you are satisfied without guilt. Enter my grain free collagen cookie. These delicious morsels are stock full of protein and healthy fat. And here is what else is “shocking” about them: your body (even if you do not trust it) will actually stop you before you have eaten too many. You will  simply feel too full and satiated before you are physically uncomfortable. Healthy fat and protein have that effect on digestion and metabolism.

Just to prove my point, the last time I made them, I tried to eat the whole tray and I could not. Not even half, and not even close. It was not possible. These “cookies” are too much like a balanced starvation-free meal than a sugar cookie devoid of nutrition. Check them out. Make them. Have them with your morning coffee or make them into an afternoon snack. See how many you can eat in one sitting. Hint: not many. Extra bonus: these keep extremely well in or out of the fridge.


  • Almond flour – 2 cups
  • Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Creamer – 1/2 cup
  • Salt (Himalayan or Celtic is best) 1/2 teaspoon
  • Baking soda – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Grass fed butter melted, ghee or coconut oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Maple syrup (dark, with minerals intact, please) -1/4 cup


Mix in the dry ingredients and wet ones separately, then combine (a simple whisk and then hands work just fine) to knead into moist dough. Shape and bake at 350 F for ~ 10 minutes (do not let them brown as you do not want to oxidize the nut flour).

Enjoy warm or cold. If you do manage to eat too many at once, your body will remind you not to do so again. Word.

Your body (even if you do not trust it) will actually stop you before you have eaten too many of these. You will  feel too full and satiated before you are physically overfull. Healthy fat and protein have that effect on digestion and metabolism.


Published by gutbraincoach

First and foremost, I am a Global Citizen and a lover of delicious food, water and air. Born in Moscow, Russia, I grew up in Athens, Greece and spent time traveling the world. Right now, home is Portland, Oregon. I love connecting with people from diverse cultures and I stand for everything real. Be it food or feelings. I am a proud Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. I am passionate about the the gut-brain axis because it is where we can connect the missing dots and the two brains to transform anxiety and brain fog into clear energy.

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