I am Julia Markova

You are here because you have tried A LOT in the past.
And you are still searching...

I believe that less is more.
Simple shifts go a long way in my practice.

    I speak Bioindividual.

    I know how to listen to you and design a diet and lifestyle protocol to nourish YOU as an individual. Regardless of what you have tried in the past.

    My Approach

    In spite of having had personal health struggles to overcome, I am not a “health warrior."

    I find “health” and “war” incompatible with each other. I help my clients find their reason behind their health goals, in order to honor the body's desire for homeostasis.


    I have lived, worked, and cooked across multiple countries and cultures prior to starting my Nutrition and Lifestyle Training practice in Portland, Oregon, USA.

    In my practice, I help my clients to get curious about how they got to where they are now so that, together, we can find a better way forward.